5 BENEFITSof using Magna5's Data Center Services

We Go to Extremes.

Our data center locations are designed to withstand extreme weather events and prevent unauthorized contacts from accessing your data center space.

Prevent Single Points of Failure.

Magna5 data centers are designed to prevent “single points of failure” that can reduce availability of your infrastructure and impact the quality of end-users’ experiences, utilizing power management, power monitoring, advanced fire suppression, and HVAC systems.

Network Connectivity.

Though a carrier with full voice and data offerings, the Magna5 data centers are carrier-neutral. We leverage our geographical diversity to provide customers with failover and redundancy capabilities.

Customer Support.

You can rely on our experience and support team to handle anything from the most routine issues, to the most challenging network upgrades, or migrations. Our team of professionals is here to fully support you.

Single Bill.

All related data center services that your business requires are handled through a single invoice. Turn-key data center service.

What is Colocation?

Colocation is the act of using a colocation center, or “carrier hotel,” as a rented space to store servers and related equipment. Colocation Centers not only provide space for service, storage and networking equipment, but also power, cooling and security for these hardware systems.

Magna5 uses Colocation to build and manage your server environment.

Magna5’s secure data centers provide the ideal environment to colocate your servers, networking, and voice equipment. Our data centers feature a high degree of control and visibility, in addition to affording businesses the ability to easily establish duplicate environments for redundancy.

Businesses can save time and money building and maintaining a network of servers by outsourcing through Magna5’s trusted data center colocation hosting service, with benefits that include:

Disaster Recovery

Offsite Data Storage

Network Housing

Managed Hosting

Cloud-Enabled Solutions

Business Scalability

Your business will get access to a high-speed Internet connection, redundant power supply, high-efficiency cooling systems, remote power capability, and cutting edge security measures with our data center colocation solution.

Since Magna5 focuses on building, staffing and managing the data center, empowering your business with both the technology and the the peace of mind to focus on performing at its highest level.

Colocate your servers, networking, and voice equipment with our Data Center Solutions.

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